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My big news

So I guess the paperwork is signed and ready to go at this point, and it’s safe to share my news.

I have quit my old job, quit practicing altogether, and taken a job as the person in charge of a multi-clinic electronic medical record for a chain of diabetes clinics. 

This has involved no small amount of guilt about leaving the various patients who seem to truly need me.  The predominant negative feeling is guilt, though, not true sadness; I’m pretty seriously tired of the daily hamster-wheel that is clinical practice.  The system is broken, as

points out; burning myself out to work in a broken system simply enables it to limp along longer. 

I keep marking off “last” experiences – the last patient seen, the last night on call, the last chart note completed, the last PA note co-signed, etc.  It feels good.

In my new job, I’ll be customizing a commercial electronic medical record to optimize clinical efficiency, building tools to help doctors make better decisions, developing programs to monitor and report how well the patients are doing, and putting together training programs so the clinical personnel can learn to use all the cool stuff I’m creating.  I’m pretty psyched.

Of course, today I got an email from my old employer asking if I would be interested in a position with them, doing similar work in their IT department.  Never mind that I’ve been trying to explore possibilities in that direction for a couple


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