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It goes up… and then it goes down…

Well, two weeks ago our garage door opener went kaput.  Assessment revealed it had shredded an integral gear that was cleverly made of plastic.  The thing was clearly not designed to be repaired (key components riveted instead of screwed, etc), so I figured I’d replace it.  But it was our anniversary weekend so I deferred the job.  And then there were other obligations… and then I got sick… and then this and that… so the opener didn’t get replaced until today.

As often happens, the project ended up being far more complicated than it should have.  Stupid little details like my garage not having quite enough clearance between the top of the garage door and the rafters gave me sticky technical details to contemplate.  The outlet that was perfectly placed for the old opener was positioned exactly where the new opener was supposed to go, so the outlet had to be moved.  My best drill seems to have burned itself out somehow… suddenly started making odd sparks and smoke which seems like a bad sign; I wasn’t even straining it particularly so maybe the replacement battery I recently bought was the culprit?  Or maybe it’s just old… though ironic that I finished up the job with Granddaddy’s old drill which is probably 40+ years old. 

But now I can open and close the garage door smoothly from the little button by the door, and from either clicker unit, and also from the built-in buttons in our cars, which is pretty cool.  (turns out that the car instruction manual didn’t include the essential step for programming the thing, but fortunately google knows all).

In the process I had to haul out a ton of stuff that was stored by the edges of the door… and it made me realize how much I need to declutter the garage. 

And this all leads to an interesting question:  I’m accumulating quite a pile of the sort of stuff that  might be useful to someone someday.  The old garage door opener, for example, will never work as a garage door opener again – but contains a working electric motor, a long length of chain, a pair of laser sensor things… there’s a kid’s science project in there somewhere!  And I hate throwing out useful stuff.  BUT I have sworn to myself that I will not be stockpiling random spare parts until my garage is completely neat and organized again. 

So… anyone want a bunch of “parts”?  I know that if I gave it to a conventional charity like Goodwill, it’d go in the trash. So if no one claims it, I’ll probably try offering it on Craigslist…  free to whoever comes by to pick it up.


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