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What did I do this weekend?

Fri after work tried out the gym in my new office – fairly deserted, I got in a good workout and cleaned up in time for dinner.  Dinner was with the usual gang, middle eastern food.  Mmmmm, baba ganoush!

Sat AM got my tail out of bed and ran a couple errands – a gift for a birthday party, a tool I needed.  Then over to a friend’s house where we erected about 8 ft of cedar fence in her yard, completed and looking good in time to keep her homeowner’s association from suing her 🙂

Sat afternoon was a friend’s kid’s birthday party – cute kid, lotsa fun adults there, generally nice.  Came home and did some housecleaning until dinnertime, then had italian food at a new place with friends.  Wasn’t so impressed with the restaurant – too much onion in my chicken masala – but the company was good.  Came home and crashed relatively early.

This AM, worked out with trainer, then a big brunch with various people including the always-wonderful nicoleallee and johnbrandon.  I am always in a good mood after hanging out with those two.  Stopped by to see a friend’s newly-purchased house, then home to do some gardening and housework.  The after-dark hours have been spent puttering – catching up on LJ, cleaning off a bit of my desk although there’s a lot left to go.  Playing with cats – Judy is my personal paper-shredder, helping me dispose of already-scanned documents…

Tomorrow I must buy gas on the way to work. 

Huh, reading over that my life sounds boring.  I kind of enjoy it, though!


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