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So, um, yeah

Have been busy, I guess.  Thus haven’t posted in a while.

New job is generally fun.  New coworkers are generally pleasant.  I am actually appreciating the more structured environment rather than working from home all the time.

But last weekend involved a lot of business and gardening and watching my beasties chase butterflies in the yard and a birthday party that happened to be scheduled on Easter (my second-favorite holiday that involves candy and the walking dead), where a dunk tank was played with despite the somewhat chilly weather… K said he was entertained by the wet-teeshirt view and I told him those weren’t my boobs, they were just very large goosebumps….

And Monday I spent the evening trying to chase down some data for work and Tuesday was… I don’t remember… and Wednesday (yesterday) evening some wonderful old college friends were in town so this evening was the first night all week I read LJ.  And I don’t think it’s possible to catch up on my whole flist.  So if I missed something you wanted me to read, could you please point me to it?

K is busy trying to arrange a teleconference involving 4 people:  one here, one in DC, one in Scandinavia, and one in Melbourne. 

What’s new with y’all?


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