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Work:  Lotsa busy.  Am learning something new every moment, and scrambling to keep up. So far they seem pleased with my progress.  Life will be easier when the new IT girl comes on.  Next week involves two dinner meetings and the week after, will be mostly spent in Dallas.  Last week was a trip to San Antonio.

Home:  Something is wrong with my shower – a few tiles sort of caved in at the base and there’s a gap behind them.  Haven’t got the nerve up yet to pull the tiles off and dig around behind them to see what’s up, tho I have bought the grout-removal kit for my dremel.  I’m hoping it’s a local defect I can fill in, perhaps with some filler epoxy, and replace the tiles without further fuss. 

K:  Is starting to think he’d like to find some new direction professionally.  He’s wondering what sort of opps might be out there in the renewable energy domain…  he’s gotten pretty disgusted with the cancer research thing.  I doubt this line of thought will result in any hard decision-making for months or years to come, but in the meantime he’s buying all kinds of interesting books to browse.  Because, you know, we really needed new books.

Friends:  are as always dear to me.  Spent this morning at a memorial service for one of my dearest friend’s grandmother – I met her only a few times but she seemed to have some of the same qualities I find delightful in my friend.  Spent the afternoon at a wedding shower where the guests of honor (future bride and groom) decided that they’d take the chance to clear out stuff (combining homes does lead to a need to thin out the belongings).  So they had a white elephant gift exchange for the guests!  Hot trading activity for the papasan chair; less interest in the collection of old ties.  Very entertaining.  I realized after that I was crass and left a price tag on my gift to them – and since it was a real bargain I guess they now know how cheap I am.  Not that it’l be a surprise to anyone.  I assume that if I’m planning to give them a nice wedding gift I’m not really obliged to spend a lot on a shower gift as well…  Upcoming weekends will include a child’s birthday party, a beach weekend with friends, and a wedding. 
Family:  I finally got around to making the surprise gift payment on my brother’s school loans – have been planning it for a while.  Hope it comes as a nice surprise next time he looks at his balances.  I probably should be thinking about when/how I’m going to arrange to spend time with them over the summer.

Beasties:  Gracie continues to be the cat without fear and we finally gave in to her pleas to allow her to go outside.  We insist on supervising her.  This led to K meeting the neighbors who have lived next door for more than a year – I had to go out of my way to meet them and K never had.  But they wondered why this man was standing in their frontyard looking at their shrubbery, so came out to investigate.  It’s fun to spend a sunny hour or two watching them scamper around chasing butterflies and trying to climb trees.

Other:  I’m sure there’s lots, but K wants to go work out now so I will not write further…


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