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Cell phones, internet, cameras, MP3, oh, my!

K called from the airport and noted he just dropped his cell phone, cracked the screen so it’s no longer readable.  This is the impetus we need to invest in new phones, methinks.  Both our phones were very basic models 3+ years ago when we bought them.   At the time we didn’t look at any of the cool stuff you can do other than just call people.

So now I’m looking at what else you can get along with basic cell service.  I’m intrigued by the idea of some sort of internet access connected with the phone bill.  Also curious about cell cameras and how they do, and curious about MP3s stored on the cell phone so I didn’t have to carry a separate device.  But I’m clueless, not even sure where to start reading about what’s out there.  Advice? 

Current plan is AT&T, if that matters.

As far as internet access, I’d be curious to look up directions and addresses and phone numbers and maps for stuff when I get lost or fail to bring along appropriate directions when I go someplace or run late or whatever.  Perhaps to look at incoming email.  I doubt I would send much email from the phone since I don’t really like the hunt-and-peck typing.  Unless – Are there phones or phone plans that would let you have internet access from the laptop somehow?

I’m concerned about cost – if I’m to access internet from phone, would want unlimited minutes perhaps so I didn’t feel I was worrying about how long it took.

I might be intrigued by a decent phone camera if the pics are decent and I would be able to download my pictures.

MP3 player ability?  are there phones other than the iPhone that also function as MP3 players?  While I think the iPhone is lovely, I’m not sure I’m ready to spend quite that much money – I’d be afraid of losing it.  Also I think I wouldn’t be able to download work email on the iphone – others at my office have had difficulty with it.

What else should I be looking at?


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