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Sundry#2: Some people just don’t trust technology

I recently implemented a tool that lets my users send a prescription directly to the pharmacy electronically, rather than calling it in, faxing it, or printing it out. Most have been delighted to adopt it. One woman, though, simply refuses to trust that it works. I’m monitoring activity really closely right now since it’s a new thing and I don’t want any mistakes to lead to medications being delayed… so all day long I was seeing this woman’s notes. There’d be the automatically generated text showing that a presription was submitted electronically, followed by a additional note: “faxed to pharmacy just to make sure”.

I have showed her the audit trails that confirm that the pharmacy receives the prescription, showed her the proof of multiple successful prescriptions sent over the past week, etc… she still simply refuses to trust that this magical electronic thing will really work. But the fax, of course, that’s always reliable, right?

Sigh. Loads of pharmacists in Katy will be cursing this woman as they process all those duplicate prescriptions….


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