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Sundry#3: So what was it?

As I drove home, I noted a huge to-do on W loop 610 northbound blocking all lanes of traffic… I didn’t take the time to look much so as not to worsen the gaper’s delay on the southbound side. But there were flashing lights and ambulances and firetrucks and people on foot milling around and as I said all lanes of traffic were blocked. Oh, and helicopters, there were helis but I didn’t look to see if they were news or lifeflight or both. Other people, of course, were making crazy lane changes to the left to better survey the potential gore and destruction.

I was curious enough to google it to see what might have happened – about an hour after I arrived home, I tried a variety of google query combos on both regular google and google news. I tried the local newspaper site. And… nothing. No report of whatever event went on there.


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