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heading on out…

We are heading out for my Mom’s family reunion in Ohio.  Currently I don’t have a seat on the plane so this could be a long, unpleasant travel day.  I have ipod with hours of podcast content, several paperbacks, and a puzzle book.  Hopefully that should keep me happy during any long waits. 

Meanwhile, a food for thought:  in the past couple years, gas prices have risen more than 100%.  Now I’m seeing news services gleefully congratulating the American public for decreasing gas consumption by 2-3%.  Um…..? 

Part of me feels sorry for those members of the public who find themselves stuck with a long commute and a gas-guzzling car.  The other part of me remembers that I’ve spent the last decade paying twice as much for half the square footage so I wouldn’t have a long commute, and risking my life on the roads because their SUVs and Hummers would squash my little energy-efficient car. 

Now my < 5-mile commute and Prius look worth the cost, hmm? 


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