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Yeah, um… that sucks

You know my job that I’ve mentioned I really like?

Company had some serious investment money fall through and is now screaming its way toward bankruptcy as far as I can tell.  They’re scything through corporate cutting anyone they can and though I haven’t got a pink slip in hand, I have been given the word that my time there is very short – probably less than two weeks.

So I’m brushing up my resume and putting out the call for contacts.  If you know of anyone looking for people with dual clinical and IT expertise, please point them my way… or me their way!

On the bright side, K was headed to Cambridge England for a conference and I wasn’t going to get to go because I really didn’t have enough accumulated vacation time.  But now that I’ll be unemployed, that is no longer a barrier.  Booked tix yesterday.  So… suggestions about things to do and enjoy in the Cambridge area?


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