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more iphone – apps and access

Haven’t got it yet but have been entertaining myself by browsing apps and reading up.

Looks like I will want to download one or more of the iPhone reader apps and download some books to read.  I wish there were some converters out there to let me go back and forth between eReader and Kindle format.

K figured out how to convert a DVD movie to iTunes today, and downloaded some stuff onto his iPod that we could watch on the plane.

Yeah, so we’re likely to make this trip trucking along an iPhone (maybe if I get it on time), one or more iPods, a Kindle, and two laptops.  And a camera.  What geeks we are… I’d skip the laptop except for that thing where I’m looking for a job and want to remain accessible.

I like the app that lets you pinpoint your location, and then email it to someone.  Good for hooking up on the fly with friends particularly in another city.

And haven’t quite figured out the data roaming deal.  Is wi-fi connection counted as part of the data plan?  As in, if I turn off the G3/phone/data roaming, can I still hook up to a wi-fi in a coffeeshop without paying megabucks per minute of contact?  The AT&T site is a bit vague about this.

On other fronts…. unproductive day in which I mostly took care of little administrivia.  Looks like I am invited to give a talk to the 2009 American Veterinary Informatics Association… I don’t entirely understand why yet but the simple explanation seems to be that humans are animals too, so I can be accepted as sort of a limited stupid vet even though I can’t treat all those other species.  It’s so true that vets are orders of magnitude smarter than MDs.

And I finally got thank-you notes written to our hosts for the 4th July family reunion.  Not quite a month later.  I’m a bit ashamed but I did have a few things happen in the meantime 😦

And my Dad’s book got accepted by a publisher, yay! 


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