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kind of cool….for someone

I ran across google base… …  allows you to save stuff like recipes in the google database, searchable later – without putting those information bits on any sort of web page.  Their recipes function is pretty nicely put together – you can search based on ingredients and meal type and course and so on. 

Although I think the idea is kind of cool, I probably won’t use it.  I read something recently that observed that technology shoppers fall into two categories.  The first category includes people who are seeking a technology that will aid them with something they’re already doing.  The second category adopt a technology so that they can start doing something new.  The former group are far more likely to be actually use the new tool over the longterm.

The observation rings true.  How many people buy home treadmills only to discover that they still have no interest in exercise?  How many fancy new cameras fall into disuse after a couple months, because people just don’t have the interest in recording their life in pictures after all? 

By this metric, I probably won’t use google base much.  I have never tended to bother much with storing and retrieving recipes. I am the sort of cook who doesn’t follow a recipe; I just think “OK, I want something that will taste like …” and then throw together the ingredients that seem like they’ll achieve the effect I want. 

So… I think the technology (being able to store and retrieve bits of information off the google database without having them on a webpage somewhere) is cool, but suspect I’m not the target user.  Are you?


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