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Film confession

It amazes me that I continue to try to “declutter” my house and I continue to find things that I just will never use and have no idea why I’ve been storing all these years.

Particularly sad is when I come across something that is useful to someone and instead I hoarded it until it’s probably no longer usable.

Today’s example is film.  I just came across a trove of 3 snapshot cameras – no idea if they actually work any more.  Also 4 of those instant disposable cameras, in various states of use from completely filled to unopened.  Also four rolls of fully or partially exposed film.  Also 11 rolls of unexposed film which is probably between 5 and 15 years old.

Is there any point in trying to use that old film, or is it likely to be useless at this point?  Likewise is there any point in trying to get the exposed film developed, if it also is probably 5-15 years old?  I’ve no idea what’s on it… apparently nothing too crucial or I would’ve made a point of exposing the film earlier, right?


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