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I haven’t posted much lately because…

I’m trying to get a lot of stuff done, and am getting some stuff done, and am also diddling a bit with facebook because my brother talked me into an account and then I got sucked in.

The big tree in the backyard, the one that was rotten down to the base as it turns out, is now a big pile of wood on the front curb. That’s a good thing. What should I plant in its place? I’m considering either a new big shade tree (starting with an itty-bitty one) or a couple of smaller fruit trees.

The new toilet is in. That frees me up to go back to re-doing the other bathroom.

The new backup drive is now networking properly with the other machines in the house, so I can start a backup protocol. I plan to use the drive to store backups, and also as a music server. For the former, I am still considering backup software for both Mac and PC – anyone have something they like? For the latter, I would like a program that would look at folders A and B and update B with any files that are present in A but not B – I’m aware of a couple freeware options for PC, but any good utilites like that for Mac?

I need to have someone look at the roof, which means collecting the names of decent roofing companies. I need to have the foundation re-evaluated (did a year ago and concluded to check again in a year to see if the movement is active) so need names of good foundation companies. I plan to replace the windows with double-pane, so need some good window installing companies. The exterior of the house needs paint – need names of painters. And the sprinkler system seems to be broken and needs some revision to adapt to my somewhat changed landscape from when it was installed nearly 10 years ago. Fortunately the people who did it back then appear to still be in business so that’s one less set of recommendations to get.

And I continue to try to find ways to thin out clutter in my home without sending my husband into a panic. Meanwhile I just got two large boxes from the Texas department of health containing posters, stickers, brochures, pins, and various other advertising materials for infant vaccination – an important subject to be sure but if they’d noted the indication that I’m not currently in practice they could have sent those to someone who might use them. So I either have to add them to the "clutter to be dealt with" pile or toss them in the trash, either of which irritates me right now.

Oh, and I still need a job. Everyone I’d interviewed with before the storm seems to have disappeared.

I was fairly cheerful through the storm. Maybe today’s sense of angst and overwhelmed-ness is just accumulated from days when life was actually more stressful but I didn’t have time for stress?


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