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Piece o’ the Berlin Wall

Many years ago a friend who was living in Germany at the time sent me a chunk of concrete, painted on one face, which was supposedly a piece of the Berlin wall. 

Apparently there was a whole tourist trade of selling bits of random concrete as bits of the wall, so no guarantee this is truly what it’s billed to be.

The thing has rattled around my various homes ever since, tucked into a drawer or box somewhere. 

I think I kept it because of sentimental feelings about the person who sent it to me, not because I’m particularly attached to the idea of preserving a little chunk of the wall.  Plenty of museums, etc, have preserved enough of the wall to keep it in our memories.

My friend has probably forgot she ever even sent it to me.

I’m thinking of just tossing it into the garden rock pile.  Any opinions about what I should do with it?


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