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Oh, no, Brer Bear, don’t throw me into the briar patch!

The insurance adjuster looked at the stain on my ceiling, poked around the attic a bit, sauntered around the yard, and stomped around the roof for a while.

Then came back inside. “I’m sorry, Ma’am. There actually wasn’t that much wind damage, but because of the age and condition of your roof we’re just gonna have to replace the whole roof.”

Oh, darn. My 30-year shingles are at least 25 years old… I’m so disappointed that they’re going to be replaced.

He goes on “Did you notice that some of your screens and shutters are wind-damaged? They’ll have to be replaced.”

I said “No, I really hadn’t noticed a problem”, thinking “um, my screens and shutters have been in terrible shape for years – how would I know if they had additional damage?”

So they’re going to work up a price for replacing my ceiling, replacing my roof, replacing the section of damaged fence, replacing the shutters and screens, and reimbursing me for removing the tree that fell (because it fell on the fence… ).

I’m not complaining. As long as I’m out of a job it’s a relief that someone else is volunteering to pay to fix some stuff around here. No doubt they’ll lowball the cost of all those repairs but if they include cost of labor, and I do the work myself, I’ll probably do fine…

Now if I can just get a job!


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