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New job!

Whew, I haven’t posted in a while!  My thoughts these days seem to fit better into the one-line format that is twitter/facebook.


I just accepted a new job.  This is a Good Thing as the old job went away in August and I’ve been scraping along with short-term contract work since then.  

I will be working with Methodist Hospital System* in a new department that basically helps clinical staff – particularly physicians – work effectively with IT.  Down the road is a big planned electronic medical record implementation; in the meantime there’s a slew of interesting projects involving automating standard computerized order sets in the hospital, setting up "single-sign-on" systems, and so on.  They’re actually paying me a tad more than I made at my last job and the benefits are clearly better.  And hopefully working for a massive hospital system will be a bit more stable than working for a startup!

I go in tomorrow to do all the paperwork, get my ID photo taken (resisting a friend’s suggestion to wear a Santa hat in the photo) and do the employee health thing (shot records, etc).  I officially start work on the 22nd December!

*assuming I can pass their drug test this time… I’ve been avoiding poppy seeds most carefully in anticipation


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