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State of the me plus some notes of no interest to anyone but me

Receipts I have sitting around for things I planted in the garden (as best I remember…)

Daffodils – a total of 100 bulbs, most of which seem to be coming up, planted in the beds near the garage, also some in Koshka’s bed.  These were purchased at Sam’s and were produced by the Van Zyverdan company.  They’re the kind that have several small flowers on the stalk rather than one big one.

Muscari (Grape Hyacinths) – purchased at the garden show, 25 total planted over by Koshka’s bed and near the garage by the Satsuma tree (also purchased at the garden show).  Some have come up but no flowers yet.

Leucojum – 8 bulbs – planted over by the new pomegranate tree (all from garden show) – just planted a couple weeks ago so wouldn’t expect to see anything yet.

There was another sort of bulb that I planted around 25 of but I seem to have misplaced the note about it.  So will document it when I find the note… or just have mystery flowers in the yard.  Wouldn’t be the first time that happened! 

The new job is great and keeping my busy – and in the interim I’ve managed to get the contract in place for the roof replacement (work to be done when the shingles arrive) and get the wood mostly painted for the fascia repairs, which will be done at the time the roof is done.  Also have navigated Christmas, New Years, and Inauguration festivities as well as various birthdays and other fun.  Now am trying to shovel out all the piles of paperwork and clutter that somehow accumulated while I was doing all of that.  I don’t quite understand how my house manages to get progressively messier when I’m not here doing anything in it!

I made a New Years resolution to exercise every day.  So far I’m on track with that.  I do a 2-hour yoga session every Monday night, I meet with the trainer for a half-hour at the gym on Sundays and Wednesdays, and I do 40-minute cardio (usually walking on treadmill with occasional forays into jogging) with K on all the other days.  Occasionally on Wednesday night I’ll  do cardio at the gym for a half-hour in addition to the workout with the trainer – that’s generally either a recumbent bike or eliptical machine. 

Now back to cleaning up.  Just felt guilty that my last LJ post was in December and it’s almost February!  My "ceramic" anniversary is coming up…


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