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Ah, Competence…

Early this AM, someone at my employer emailed a solicitation to sign a political email petition.  To a large usergroup – not the whole institution but to a mailing list that included a fair number of directors and VPs.

Yup, you know what happened.

A half dozen emails saying "please remove me from this mailing list" appeared, before the first "please stop hitting reply all to ask to be removed" started appearing. 

You know the routine.

I’m happy to say that the guy who maintains the email list caught the whole thing within 20 emails.  Killed the list, so no further posts could be sent.  Then a few hours later a email went out from the powers-that-be which very publicly spanked the individual who had started the whole thing for (1) using a user group list inappropriately, and (2) sending a politically-oriented email at work.  There was a strong implication that such behavior can be considered a firing offense.

Competence and a politics-free workplace: Perhaps that’s why Methodist was ranked #7 on Fortune’s "Best Places to Work" report this year?


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