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Seussian glop for dinner

One of the dishes I make in advance and heat up during the week is this sort of florentine-ish stew – chunks of chicken, browned with some masala spices, then stewed with onion, mushroom, spinach, cream cheese, and chicken broth.  It all comes together into this savory, creamy sauce which is very tasty over a pile of egg noodles.

But you know, when it’s just come out of the fridge to be reheated, it looks less smooth and creamy and more… gloppish.  Green and gloppish.  And when I drop a big scoop of it into the bowl it sort of falls with a hearty glorp. 

It really does look like the generic green gloopy food you might include as the horror cafeteria item in some real-life or cartoon comedy….


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