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Story of the day since I haven’t posted in a while

The hospital where I work has a large indoor atrium area, with a central fountain, big sunroof, scattered tables and chairs, guy playing the piano, etc.  A pleasant place to pause if I have a little time between meetings.

So today I was sitting at one of the tables, with my back to the fountain.  I hear a woman behind me, bitching at her kids:  "Don’t play in the fountain!  I told you not to play in the fountain!"  *splash*  "See, I told you you shouldn’t play in the fountain or you’ll fall in and start bleeding like that man did!"

So I spin around to see that an elderly gentleman has tripped on the edge of the fountain and fallen in.  And lazy Mom – in addition to not bothering to restrain her own children – hasn’t made a move to help him.

So of course a half-dozen others of us did help him, got him out of the fountain and into a wheelchair and down to the ER to be checked out (and given something dry to wear) and got staff in to clean up the puddles of water, and so on.  And the whole time I’m involved with this (staying around long enough to ensure the cleanup was complete, so no one else slipped in the water), whinyMom was there in the background, berating her brats.

I’m sure they’ll turn out wonderfully. In sociopath terms, that is. 


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