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Today my group went out to lunch to celebrate birthdays – mine, last weekend, and my boss’s earlier this month (not celebrated earlier due to Ramadon).

On our return, we met briefly in his office so he could give me my birthday present:  a promotion!

My new title is "Senior Physician Systems Analyst". I was an applications analyst before. The titles are all just words, I suppose, but the new title was created just for me so, like Tigger, I’m the only one!

My newest co-worker is a Physician Systems Analyst, though, so no doubt he’ll make good and get himself promoted to senior at some point… at which point I’ll be happy to share 🙂

The title comes with a bit of a raise, which seems to prove that it’s actually a promotion, not just a rephrasing. And, they’re moving my group before long, and in the new space, I get my own office! (that’s sort of but not entirely related to the promotion).

Likin’ the world right now…

(Since there’s just one of me, I suppose I could say I’m THE Senior Physician Systems Analyst… saying "The senior…" makes it sound more exalted than it is, probably…)

Oh, and I’ve apparently reached a point where I remember to post to Facebook long before I remember to post here, so most of you probably already saw this news…


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