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Kitties and more resolutions

The new year’s resolutions have crystalized – K has decided he wants us to do “healthy eating” to join our daily exercise routine. I told him if he’s going to resolve it, he has to quantify it in a way that can be measured – so he’ll know if he kept the resolution. Since we both could stand to lose a few pounds, he’s quantified it as the following (not all that extreme) rules:
1) Obvious treats (chips, ice cream, etc) only on special occasions
2) “naughty meals” (eg cheeseburger with fries, or all-you-can-eat buffet) no more than twice a week.
3) Existing stash of holiday treats (cookies, candy) is rationed to one or two pieces per day;
4) Self-regulation of portions, etc, with a weekly weigh-in. If not at ideal weight, must be making steady progress in that direction; if at ideal weight must be maintaining it.

So that’s what he laid out. I’ll be very intrigued to see if this lasts – he’s said we’ll eat healthy before and it usually lasts until the next time Randall’s has a sale on Blue Bell.

Meanwhile there’s a shaggy kitty – obviously a young Tom – who’s decided to target our house. He hangs out in front or back, meowling piteously. He doesn’t appear to have a collar. He’s got a good thick coat and (from a distance) doesn’t seem too thin; his ears are the typical jagged mess that you see on tomcats who’ve been out catting for a while.

Our indoor beasties are quite engaged in his visits, being alternately fascinated and frightened. He’s stuck around through most of the weekend and we’re starting to cave. I’ve told K that if we give him food, we have to do the whole thing – capture him, do the vet check-up, shots, neutering, and get him registered. I also warned K that if he pets the thing, he needs to scrub up good before petting our cats – at least until we have had him checked for FIV, etc. Then I suppose we’d have to figure out if he can be an indoor cat or if he’ll become our emergency-backup-cat who lives outdoors. If the latter, we need a setup so he doesn’t have to fight the raccoon and the possum for his food.

As a crass side-comment… wow, it’s been a while since I saw an un-neutered adolescent male cat. I’d forgotten how … obvious it is to identify the cat’s gender in that case.


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