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Not a day of sloth…

After a morning workout and a lovely brunch with friends (Sunday is the day I get to cheat on the New Year’s diet resolution), I noted it was a gorgeous day and I actually didn’t feel all tired and lazy.

So got some laundry started and picked up the clutter in the sunroom. Then couldn’t resist being outside so got started on a long-delayed and not-much-fun task…. scraping old paint on my exterior woodwork in preparation for painting.

When along comes my neighbor, who informs me that her adult son – whose day job consists of handling all the repairs for their string of rental houses – has been looking for handyman work, to make extra cash. I expressed interest and she promised to send him by once he was home for the evening.

So since it looked like I’ll be able to outsource that unpleasant task, I turned to other jobs – cleared out some weeds and brush from one bed, pruned an out-of-control vine, replaced some rotted wood on a trellis. He stopped by shortly after dark and agreed to tackle scraping, sanding, repairs/patching and painting my woodwork starting week after next.

So at the end of the day I accomplished a fair amount of useful stuff but if my neighbor’s son works out as a competent handyman, that’ll have been the biggest achievement of the day by far! I really need to offload some of the basic non-creative maintenance work around the house so I can move forward with some of the more creative improvements I’ve been planning (sometimes for years…).


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