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More on cooking

Of course, one of my reserve sources of ingredients during much of the year is my yard. I have the following growing reasonably reliably at the moment:

Herbs: Rosemary, oregano, mint, fennel,
Fruits ‘n’ veggies: Meyer lemons, now also have a satsuma tree that produced a little last year and a pomegranate tree which hasn’t produced yet. My neighbor is often kind about sharing her grapefruit.

I need to plant some parsley soon to use while it’s cool, and plan to plant basil to use when it gets warmer.

I’ve tried a couple of times to get strawberries going without much luck – wild strawberries seem to do great in the lawn, though.

Has anyone had any luck with thyme in this climate?

What other fruit trees do OK in this climate? I could put one or two in the front yard since last year’s road construction seems to have killed off the already-ailing magnolia tree.

What other edibles do y’all manage to grow in your yards?


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