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Kale Chips

Not to be terribly original here since everyone in the web-o-sphere says “ooh – la – la, Kale chips!” so I decided to try some.  A quick google search found me some directions so I heated the oven to 375 as instructed and cut a bunch of kale from the garden, chopped it into smaller pieces after giving it a good wash, and tossed it in a plastic bag:

Now, everyone talks about spraying or misting or drizzling oil onto the kale.  I wanted it finely distributed and didn’t want to use too much oil so I drizzled a very small amount of oil right into the bag:

And then I just pulled the edges of the bag closed and shook it like a maniac, which seemed to distribute the oil over all the leaves quite evenly:

Then spread it out on a baking sheet.  I have this cool sheet that’s mesh instead of solid so it will let heat circulate around the food better.

Sprinkle with salt,

Then pop it in the oven for 15 minutes.

At which point it looked like this:

The verdict?  A bit too salty.  I think next time I’ll use less salt, maybe put it in the bag with the oil to more easily spread it thinly.  Also a few of my chips tasted a bit burnt and I couldn’t decide whether that was really overcooked or whether it’s just that kale can naturally have a bit of a bitter undertone.

But.  It was kinda nice and I think it has potential.  Next time instead of salt I think I’ll use parmesan and I’ll put it in the bag for shaking to get it evenly distributed.  And maybe I’ll taste test at 12 minutes instead of 15 to see if they’re better a touch less cooked. 


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