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The daffodils I planted a few years ago have naturalized and spread admirably.  So I was digging up some stubborn patches of weeds and BOOM suddenly I was looking at a motherlode of fat bulbs:

So quickly googled what to do about this and here’s the plan:

  1. Spread them out to dry a bit, then brush off the dry soil.
  2. Put them in a mesh bag and hang them somewhere out of the sun and away from severe heat or moisture.
  3. This fall, plant them.

It occurred to me that I could plop them at the base of a new raised bed, they’d be down below where I generally dig to plant seeds or place seedlings.  And they would add some cheerful pops of color in the fall/winter/spring.  If I do a four-year crop rotation cycle, and then dig out the bed at the end of the four years, that should be a pretty good cycle to dig and divide the bulbs anyway, right?

I googled a bit to see if there’s any “companion plant” issues with growing them in with veggies and found nothing.   So, I think it’s a plan.


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