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Things to research

Started this blog years ago, then ignored it for the past year and more.  When I finish a project, my main interest is going on to the next project; I’ve failed to develop the good habit of documenting my work before moving on.

So will tweak what I’m doing as a sort of new year’s resolution.

Before trying a new project, I often maintain a document where I capture my research about HOW to do the project – websites, facts and figures, etc.  If I collect that stuff in a blog post, then it’ll be accessible to me later.  Use of tags and such should help me keep it all straight.

So to start with, here’s a list of things to research:

  1. Music solutions:
    • Streaming services to access and play home library, listen to things I don’t own, explore new stuff.
    • Speakers for the house, which perhaps would have options to be controlled from different devices.  And/or possibly tied into above music service, like the Amazon thingies.
  2. Travel and touristing:
    • At some point I want to do some traveling in the UK outside of England; an opportunity might arise this summer.  Especially interested in Scotland, due to family roots, which means researching the places where those family roots actually lie and putting together an itinerary around those.  
    • Touristing in my own hometown – I don’t do enough exploring in my own city.  Need to start identifying cool things to do here, and do them.
    • Touristing in towns where friends and family live 
    • Other opportunities as they arise.
    • And continue to research the best apps and online tools for researching and organizing travel.  
    • And research the best equipment and ideas for making travel simple, comfortable, fun.
  3. Home improvement:  Ah, so many things here
    • Electrical infrastructure – to get wiring up to code and circuits properly loaded.  
    • Lighting – replace unattractive and dysfunctional fixtures
    • Plumbing – replace kitchen faucet, do something about guest bath/shower
    • Insulation
    • Then, aesthetics.  After all the other stuff is finished for a room so won’t be making repeat holes in walls.
  4. Yard and garden:  
    • Hardscape for front and backyard, for aesthetics and ease of maintenance
    • Irrigation
  5. Sewing, also crochet and knitting
    • I have stacks of old t-shirts.  t-shirt yarn – crocheted to something cool?  t-shirt quilt?  
    • I love wearing leggings, am on the lookout for things to wear with leggings that cover my butt without being huge and baggy and sloppy up-top.
  6. If I’m talking about resolutions I should research a few ways to be more fit:
    • Exercises and stretches to reduce the hunched-forward posture I get from being at the computer all the time
    • CV endurance – I never seem to have enough of it.
    • Nutrition and how it plays into energy, health, fitness.  
So, um, yeah.  That’s some stuff to research and share.  Let’s see how it goes.

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