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TP rolls for seed starting?

Follow up:  Composed this long ago and never posted it.  Posting now because it might be useful for someone someday.

This was a qualified success.  Used to plant things that sprout quickly and go into the ground relatively soon after sprouting, these were great.  But when I tried using them for seeds that take longer to germinate and grow to having second leaves, the cardboard from the rolls started to have problems – it got moldy and attracted fungus gnats and then started to fall apart.

Since the quick-sprouting, quick-maturing seeds tend to do relatively well in the ground anyway, I’m not sure this approach really has a lot of long-term merit.

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Saw this on Pinterest and it seemed worth a try. Seed pods are not much good for deep rooted or larger plants. I have a few more nubs of ginger I want to sprout indoors as insurance in case the main stuff doesn’t sprout. I also will want to get some beans started and they are notoriously hard to transplant. These seem like the cheap alternative to peat pots. 

Start with a pile of TP rolls
Flatten a role twice to square it off
The depth of your cut should be about the width of a side
Cut all four corners
Then cut a triangle out of each starting at opposite corner

Fold edges down overlapping on the flat side. You may have to deepen the triangles a bit to fold the last one under the first. 

Ready to fill with soil and plant

Bonus:  actually labeling the things I planted. I am bad about that


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