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Morning chores in the patio garden

I am concluding that I need to find a way to use my phone or iPad to post, because otherwise I just don’t get around to it. I spent my morning today puttering about with my little fledgling balcony garden. I haven’t really given it proper care and attention, but even so I have achieved a few things. I had a few little starts of plants which I planted in some big pots by my front door. Some purple kale, a couple divisions of chives, and a couple shoots of ginger from kitchen leftovers. If these survive, I think they will fill in to make a pretty pot. Doesn’t look like much now, though. Then I went through and shifted a couple things from small pots to my big bin planters – some chives and onions, mostly. Cut back some bok choi that was completely gone to seed, and planted a few bush bean plants in that spot instead. I started some seeds in smaller pots that will sit on my kitchen windowsill. And put a few seeds into various empty spots in the planters. I will wait a bit to buy a few herbs to fill some of the gaps.


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