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Finished square

Here is the completed square I showed before:

To get this i used the basic structure of the other Stardust Melody squares, which starts with a magic circle and works in the round using single crochets. It makes the corners by doing sc-ch2-sc which expands the square by two stitches per side each row.

The Stardust patterns get their ornamentation by crocheting back loop only, and then ducking back to pick up those front loops with various longer stitches. But it seemed to me that you could do any ornamental stitch as long as it kept things on that single crochet spacing.

The stitch I chose was based on a video I saw on Pinterest but somehow failed to pin, and don’t seem to be able to find a link to now. The little knot-like bumps happen when you draw up a loop just as you would for a sc, and then make a little two-stitch chain off that loop before joining back with the loop on your hook from the preceding sc. Then you follow with another sc. I did this on alternating rows and the result is attractive, hasn’t got excessive holes in it, and is size-compatible with my other squares.

For variety I could do back loop only sc instead or regular, which would have the little knots appear on a sort of chain. Or I could space the knots closer together.

I could also try some of the Stardust patterns where I only do back loop crochet on the stitches that need it, which would give a different background.

On other fronts, we watched a performance of “Anything Goes” done by a local high school theater group past night, at our neighborhood open air theater. They did a remarkable job for a bunch of kids. I hadn’t seen the musical before but was pleasantly surprised at how many of the songs I recognized and liked. The experience was a little marred because the person who sat in front of me had a Very Big Head and was tall and had lots of hair on the big head, so I was constantly having to bob back and forth to see around her to the stage. Not her fault, I suppose.


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