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It’s a box

Today’s project involved sanding and staining a box I made many years ago. At the time I didn’t bother to stain it because it was the proof of concept version of something I planned to make from nicer wood. It was a plan for a box on castors that would hold hanging files. You could roll it out when you were working, then tuck it away in a closet or whatever once you finished.

So it sat in my garage, unfinished, for years. When the old house flooded and I was grabbing any available sturdy container to pack things in, it got filled with clamps and ended up in the new garage. And once the clamps had more permanent storage, I thought “what the heck. I think I will finish this out for it’s originally intended purpose.”

Sanding and staining it was pretty straightforward. The bigger challenge was shaping two pieces of 1×2 to serve as rails to hold the hanging files.

It will need at least overnight for the finish to cure, and then I will attach the rails and castors and install it in my office closet.


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