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The world must be tasted

These last few days, everything must be chewed on. Is it possible he is teething? Side note: despite all my good intentions to gently but firmly dissuade him from growing up as the kind of cat who goes psycho and attacks people, he is currently being kind of a terror as far as attacking our hands. And my legs – he loves to tackle my calves as I am standing by the sink preparing his food. I am sure it is just excitement about the upcoming meal, but as he gets to be a bigger cat this could be a problem behavior! 

Cat TV is interesting if a little scary. It’s not clear that he understands that there is a window blocking the view, and he has been trying to fit himself through the slats to get to what he sees on the other side. Which is pretty darn funny…

Meanwhile, Judy continues to be droopy. The vet said to call her if we didn’t see improvement by today, so I guess that’s where we are at on this one.


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