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The path to who I am

So yesterday’s decision to consolidate all those years of writing meant I spent a lot of yesterday evening and this morning reading through it all. Which was An Experience, really.

Some of it makes me cringe. It’s clear to me that I am not the same person I was 15 years ago, and some of the posts made me cringe a bit. The intervening years have made me a lot more … well, I don’t like the term “woke” very much but that probably describes the change. My professional life has certainly evolved considerably.

I was far more naive about sharing personal “identifiable” details online and will want to delete or edit some things to be a little less hackable, I think.

But, it was a lovely trip down memory lane to see references to people who are still a central part of my life. And to be reminded of stories and experiences and ideas and projects.

And I might have wept a little at stories about Koshka, my sweet little Manx cat who passed away years ago but will always hold part of my heart.

On the whole, the read-through made me aware I am not the person I used to be… but to be the person I am now, perhaps I had to be that other person first.

It makes me wonder who I will be in another 15 years.


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