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Halfway to house proud

Some days I just have to deal with the weight of the world by ignoring it for a while. So today, I turned off the computer and all sources of news and just… cleaned my house.

In non-COVID times, we have a lady who comes periodically and does the heavy cleaning. She gets it done way faster than I do. Some of that is because she always brings a friend, so they’re naturally going to get done twice as fast as me. But the other part is that cleaning the place always makes me aware of little things that could be fixed, arranged, organized, or improved in the place.

So today, in addition to putting away items, dusting, scrubbing, mopping, sweeping, and running the vacuum, I also scanned a few paper items that we really didn’t need to have in paper form – then hauled all the paper recycling down for next pickup day. We found a couple loose bolts on the floor awhile back, so I inspected the rowing machine, found where they’d fallen out, and replaced them. I hung one picture and one large ornamental fan – the latter of which required some repairs before it could be hung. I ironed and folded a pile of fabric scraps that were destined for the quilt stash. I took a moment to order some envelopes in which to store homemade patterns. I updated software and OS on the upstairs computer as well as my handheld devices. And so on.

Also, cleaning forces me to look more closely at the spaces I inhabit, which gives me new ideas about how to use them well. We have some large built-in shelves which are surprisingly un-useful because they are one long unsupported span – so if they hold much of anything, they will sag. I’ve been brainstorming how to revise them to look nice and also be super-useful, an had a couple of great inspirations on that front today.

So, all in all, cleaning the house is not only a way to clear my mind, but also a way to get around to doing a lot of little repairs and odd jobs and developing cool ideas for future projects. You’d think that this would make me rather fond of the chore.

But, I’m not. Sadly, I still would rather do just about anything but clean house.

On the bright side, the half of the house I finished is just lovely now.


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