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It’s late and I am tired… but also wired because so much has happened today.

Today, a mob invaded the US Capitol in an effort to overturn the legal election. They were explicitly encouraged by the outgoing President, and were not treated harshly by police or security as they rampaged through. They broke things, invaded and vandalized offices, stole “trophies”… and were not arrested or detained in any way. And far too many people seem to think this was all perfectly reasonable.

On the bright side, Georgia elected two Democratic senators, which will help move forward with repairing some of the damage done in the past four years.

So now I have to try to put it all out of my mind enough to get some sleep. My prayer is that those folks could all have a few moments of true insight into what their actions look like to the rest of us. I expect they don’t see themselves as horrifying human beings, so if they realized that’s exactly what they are being, perhaps they’d stop.


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