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Chilly day comforts

It’s a chilly, grey day and I was lacking in grand ambition.

So I pulled out a quilt to mend, and curled up on the couch. I entertained myself with Online videos – first watching people build various things for their wood shops and then watching some geometry videos from Khan Academy.

The wood shop videos were looking for inspiration or answers because I would like to build a mobile stand for my benchtop drill press… but it’s a very heavy, very top-heavy tool. So I am worried that it will topple unless the stand is as heavy as the top. I watched a half-dozen different projects and only one of them accounted for that in any way – by building in a compartment at the base that held a bag of cement, which was sort of clever. So I am still musing on my options there.

The geometry is because it’s been decades since I studied any math, and I find I have forgotten a lot. I have this idea that I will review everything I supposedly learned before using self-study, then perhaps I will consider taking a few courses beyond my previous level just to see if I can. I reviewed algebra last fall, and plan to tackle geometry this spring.

But mostly, I am lazing about today. I have plenty of company, given the trifecta of my quilt-covered legs, a sunny window, and a chilly day.


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