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Simplicity Pattern 1165 – finding my size

Source: Simplicity Pattern 1165 Misses’ Pull-on Pants, Long or Short Shorts

So, my cold-weather PJs were all looking a bit worn, and I picked up this pattern because it looked like it’d work for that purpose.

But the measurement table said I should be a size that’s about four sizes higher than I wear in ready-made clothing.

Well, I thought, I guess pattern sizing doesn’t really correspond to ready made. Better to make it big and maybe have to take it in, rather than making it too small and wasting all that effort and fabric.

So I made it up in the size indicated by the chart and ended up taking it in a LOT. Dropped down a size, tried again, still too big but closer to reasonable. Today I cut out a size smaller still, and we’ll see how it turns out when I get it sewn up.

I suppose I should learn to do things like measure on the actual pattern to see if the measurements look similar to what I need them to be, rather than just trusting the chart?


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