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Made it through an afternoon of craziness. Only one person hospitalized šŸ˜¦ zero would have been better.

Amazing how nice people really can be (about irritations like waiting a long time) once they realize things are inconvenient for them because someone else is having it really bad.


Carthage TDP plant shut down temporarily

Well, the Carthage, Missouri plant that has the first functional plant to turn turkey garbage into oil has been shut down temporarily, because the plant was emitting smells so horrible that a town that was positioned next to a turkey farm couldn’t stand them! Since the smell of turkey farms is one of the foulest I’ve encountered, this must be truly awful. As a resident of a town with lots of local refineries, I know no one’s truly successful at wholly restraining bad odors in the oil business. I hope they’re able to fix this; TDP is one of the most promising technologies I’ve seen in a long time. Not only does it produce oil at a cost less than current global oil prices, but it does it from renewable resources that otherwise would be a major source of disease. Even if the plants still stink, I think it would be worth finding remote places to build them – would increase production costs if you have to ship the garbage in, but at least you’d still be getting oil from a renewable source.


Keith came home yesterday and announced he’d decided that today and tomorrow will be “vacation”. Which is lovely, but he picked two days I simply can’t take off at short notice. So he’s hanging out in scrumptious disarray and I’m left trying to get work done in the face of temptation… Think this’ll be a day to work at the local coffeehouse…

What does “random” mean anyway?

(Note: Ā This was imported from an old LiveJournal Account)

My car has a “random” function on the cd player. supposed to play random selections from all 6 disks. Inevitably after a few songs, it starts playing two songs in a row from one disk, then a couple from another, and then after a while it bumps to three songs at a time… Also some songs seem to play every time I drive and others don’t ever seem to play. Wonder why?