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Healthy eating redux

Hmmm… my NY resolution was to eat more salad specifically and to eat more salad in general.  The problem is,

Now I’m Hungry All The Time.

OK, not literally all the time.  There’s a space of a couple of hours after a meal when I’m not hungry.  Or an hour.  Or thirty minutes, at least.  But I had lunch with my students at Wiess today, ate a huge salad, a bunch of raw fingerfood (tomatos, carrots, cucumber slices), and a bunch of grilled chicken that probably amounted to 4 or 5 ounces, and an orange.  It’s 2 PM and I’m hungry again.  Dinner won’t be until 9-ish as I’m in late clinic tonight.  Sigh.

Oh, well, at least I make a point of stashing animal crackers and peanut butter in my desk.  Dip their little heads in the extra-crunchy, then chomp them right off.  Such a noble end for the little beasties.


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