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Update on Metro

Well, I sent email to their customer service people – which I’ve done before and never got any reply.  But this time, I implied in my email that I was representing a large group of people, all of whom really wanted a map.  I got the following reply:

“Thank you for contacting METRO. Our METRO RideStores have the large fold out maps for free. The closest one to you is located downtown at 1900 Main, right next to the Downtown Transit Center. You can jump on METRORail and be there in a few minutes from the Texas Medical Center. If you would like to order a large quantity, please contact Eric Atkinson in our Distribution Office at 712-739-3728.”

Now, the guy at the Med Center Transit center kiosk told me that they don’t carry the maps any more in the RiceStores, but perhaps it’s worth a trip downtown to see which metro official is full of it and which is actually helpful.  

Hey, maybe I’ll end up with a cool map to hang on my wall.  Wonder if I can walk in and ask for a half-dozen maps (one for home, one for med center office, one for non-med-center office, one for my backpack, and two to hand out when other people ask me where I got the cool map)?



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