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Operation clean-up

We did our clean-up activities today.  We went through the 3 rooms that I most needed K’s input about – and cleared out a bunch of stuff.  Our approach was “Please put away the stuff that has a home, and make piles for things to get rid of, and things to keep but currently we don’t have a home for them.”

It was relatively painless, we have another load of stuff for Goodwill, and it was sort of funny to hear K say things like “Hey, I forgot I bought these pants!  Looks like I’ve never worn them…”

Now there’s clear space.  If we had people over and wanted to play cards, it’d be the work of a few seconds to clear the coffee table for the game. 


I still need to clear off my workspace, and sort through some piles of my own stuff.  But I can do that without worrying that I’m going to get rid of something that was precious to K. 

Once I get the stuff cleared out and the professional repairs done (tree removal, roof replacement) then it’ll be lots easier to embark on my own improvement projects indoors and out, without feeling worried that later work will undo my efforts.

Am thinking about the pros and cons of hiring an electrician to rewire the house, versus doing it piecemeal myself as I do other improvements room-by-room.

Also wondering about the cost of replacement windows, and how hard they’d be to do myself.


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