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Waking up grumpy

Ever wake up grumpy?

I have every reason to be in a good mood today.  My sweetheart has the day off, as do I.  Work-wise, I have interesting projects on my plate, things I enjoy doing.  I have a couple writing projects that are high-likelihood for publication nearing launch.  At home, I have a variety of ideas for cool stuff to do and some time to get to those ideas now that the wedding’s over.  My family comes into town later this week for a long weekend, and I’ll get to enjoy them without dealing with a Major Event.

But I woke up this morning grumpy. Lay there, couldn’t think of a single reason to get out of bed.  Nothing excited me, nothing tempted me. Didn’t want to be social, didn’t want to play, didn’t want to work. The cat came over to snuggle and I didn’t want to do that, either.

Slept in a bit, then spent the morning doing silly stuff that usually puts me in a good mood (e.g. reading fiction, solving puzzles, eating) and then worked out.  No go.  I feel just as grumpy as before; in fact, now I have a headache on top of my grumpy angst. 

After spending the first part of the day trying to tempt me into a better mood, K has just given up and gone in to the office. So now I feel guilty on top of grumpy and headachy.



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