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exercise addiction?

comments that she has to exercise even when feeling bad, because if she doesn’t she’ll just feel worse.

I’m coming to the same conclusion.  Hadn’t missed three workouts in a row in months.  But Thursday PM we went to a play, Fri we went out with friends, and Saturday we got caught up in a project and didn’t get around to working out.

By Sunday morning we were both miserable.  K came in and announced he was going to cancel his gym appointment because he felt so crappy.  I suggested he might be feeling that way because we hadn’t worked out… he reacted with great irritation (not directed at me, just a lot of flouncing about and scowling) but went to the gym.  Came back with a palpably improved aura, apologized for acting like a two-year-old.  Me, after the workout I felt good enough for an afternoon of vigorous yardwork, which I wouldn’t have predicted in the morning.

I haven’t actually found my jeans getting too big on me (congratulations,

!) but have noted that I am able to indulge a heartier appetite without the jeans becoming too small…


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