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I’m going to spend a couple days in northern Utah next week.  I hear it’s still cold in northern Utah. I don’t own shoes that can handle snow, really… 40% chance of snow the day we arrive.

So I stopped by Academy on the way home.  Whole lotta nothin’ in the women’s shoe department.  After all, today’s high was in the mid-eighties, so why would anyone be shopping for winter shoes?

Some cute sandals, though.

So I started browsing more broadly.  And discovered (If I ever knew, I’d forgotten…) I can wear the biggest size in boys shoes.  This was totally cool, because I found these shoes, which should do a great job for the winter weather thing and the price was definitely right…  and, well, there’s some great shoes in the boys section!  Like these.  And theseThese are fun, and these were available in a delightful electric blue color.

I restrained myself to just the shoes I’d come for, but the realization that there’s a whole world of silly shoes out there that are generally pretty cheap… something to reward myself with in the event of some minor victory or other.


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