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One of my circles of friends is weathering a pocket-drama this week. I’m actually not all that close to those who are directly involved, and doubt they care much about my opinion.

Nonetheless, the whole thing is stirring up lots of musings for me, mostly because aspects of the situation closely reflect some things that happened in my own divorce, nearly a decade ago.

On one hand, it means I have some opinions about best actions in a scenario where I’d actually prefer to sit back and remain neutral.

On the other hand, it’s possible my experiences might offer a useful data points for the individuals involved.

(Since I don’t have a third hand) On one foot is the concern that sharing my experiences, whether useful or not, could upset someone and screw up friendships that I value.

On another foot is the fact that, because the issues are close to my heart, I’ve undergone a certain amount of non-entirely-fun reflection over the past couple of days and I think I’d really benefit from discussing my thoughts – but the people with whom I’d usually discuss those thoughts are sufficiently close to the center of the storm that I have to think carefully about how to do that.



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