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Reality Check

Just checkin’ my perception of reality.

My clinic closes at 4:30 and is closed on weekends.

Today (Friday) at 4:28 a patient called and said she needed me to call in 2 months worth of her asthma medicine today because she was going to be in Africa for the next two months.

Review of chart notes sees that the first reference to this planned trip was 6 months ago.  It’s not a surprise trip.

2 weeks ago, she saw our travel medicine expert in the morning, who gave her a list of to-do’s for her travel including “be sure to get your asthma medicine refilled before the trip”.  Shortly after, she had an appointment with one of my colleagues and didn’t say a darn thing about asthma medicine.

We haven’t actually given her any asthma medicine in 3 years.  Further, last mention of the asthma medicine we have is more than 6 months ago, where there’s a note that she was no longer taking the medicine because she no longer had any asthma symptoms.  So it seems this isn’t even a routine refill, it actually involves newly emerged symptoms for which the old medicine might or might not be effective. 

I called her and told her in no uncertain terms that she’d screwed up.  I told her that it was mere chance that I even saw her request before the weekend, as things that come in after 3 or so tend to be addressed the next business day.  I pointed out that for refills of routine medicines, she should allow 2-3 business days in case her primary doc is out of clinic one day; I also pointed out that this situation was not routine as her asthma was newly active. 

I told her I would bail her a** out this time but I would never, never do it again; if she ever needs a refill with less than 2 days notice she can forget it.

Am I crazy?


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