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FF followup

I did go ahead and down load FF3 and see no particular difference in performance…

My quiet weekend has involved hurricane watching (I heartily second offthekuff  in his description of the mixed feelings involved – glad it’s looking unlikely to hit us, sorry it’s going to hit Louisiana, a bit guilty that the glad is stronger than the sorry right now…).  Also catching up on some reading, playing with kitties, and hanging out with friends.  And a yoga session yesterday AM that was a spendid lesson in just how weak I am… can’t hold a handstand for more than about 5 seconds.

I have been thinking about the thing that’s circulating about Sarah Palin faking pregnancy to cover her teen daughter’s pregnancy…  if true, who would it influence?  Perhaps one of those mythical voters who was in favor of Hillary Clinton but says they’ll vote for McCain over Obama. 


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