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Talking different languages…

I just had a brief phone interview with someone from [name withheld].

The interviewer asked me to outline my technical skills. So I tried to be brief but complete in outlining areas of competency – various programming languages, database environments, web design, etc… I wrapped that up as quickly as possible and said “I can go into considerably more depth but I don’t want to talk your ear off. Were there particular technical skills you were interested in?”

“Well,” he said, “our teams use Excel a lot. Would you be comfortable with that?”

Um, yeah. I can use Excel. And if you have to ask… you probably didn’t understand a word I just said, did you? Well, I hope you’re the type who’s impressed by what you don’t understand, rather than offended.

The job could still be interesting but definitely less challenging on the IT front than my last job…

He said they’d be scheduling a next-round interview with me, probably early next week. Maybe the next round will involve people who actually know something about the system?


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