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Closet thoughts

I have a LOT of clothes. I have a considerably smaller set of clothes that I truly love wearing. Reasons why I don’t wear clothes are varied:

  • Too small
  • Too big
  • Damaged or worn
  • Not flattering
  • Not my aesthetic anymore
  • Nothing to wear it with
  • Inconvenient to wear:  no pockets!
Meanwhile I find myself craving new clothes even though my enormous, privileged, first-world closet is pretty full now. 
And, I have a yen to do some sewing. 
So I have this idea I will try to narrow down my closet to a smaller subset of clothes – things that meet all the following criteria:
  • Fits well and in good condition
  • Has something it will go with (which hasn’t already been tabbed as going with some other outfit)
  • I enjoy wearing it. 
Then I will see if that is enough clothing or still have too much… I would define “enough” as at least a week or two of outfits for a category like casual, formal work, casual work, etc.  I guess I would define “too much” as more than a month of same?  Also need to consider summer and winter. 
From there, I would like to start building “capsules” (as seen on the internet) of clothing that can be recombined into different outfits. So for trips, could just grab a capsule or two and be ready to go. But that level of organization would also require some planning for maintenance – 
  • Do I store capsules together rather than sorting clothes by type as I do now?
  • How to remember what goes in which capsule?
  • How to maintain the capsules through the laundry cycle?  (Sew in grranimals tags?)
Rejected clothes will largely go in my growing pile of things to try to refashion, so I can get creative without spending a bundle!
So, here goes. Going to post now as a commitment to myself!

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